Sustainable Construction – Green Building Codes

Don Wallis, Build Member

The term “sustainable construction” is broad and all-encompassing. But for home builders it relates to several key objectives that can be summarized as follows- Construction practices that provide energy efficient homes at a reasonable cost with as little negative impact upon the environment as possible.

Actually, our industry is dedicated to developing building techniques and materials that have a positive impact upon the environment. Using landscaping instead of concrete to control the flow of rainwater is an example of this.

Our community has adopted green building codes to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly construction.

We support these codes.

Climate change is real. Water is increasingly scarce. We have been in a drought in Santa Fe for several years. Many local scientists believe the drought is a long term phenomenon- it may be the new norm.

The energy we use to power our electrical grid and the energy we use to power our heating systems are both increasingly expensive. Present sources of energy producing fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, are not unlimited and producing them has a negative impact upon the environment.

There is considerable scientific evidence that proves what we already know- the quality of the air we breathe, especially inside our homes, has a great impact upon our health.